Climber's profile: Aušra Volkaitė

At first sight, Aušra Volkaitė seems the shiest person in the world. Until you get a bit closer and realize how full of life and courageous she realy. She tried many sports s before bouldering, that she started just five months ago.

Other sports before climbing:

I have done a lot of things: english folk dancing, ballet, tap dancing, art lessons, ice-skating, singing, playing the piano and guitar, swimming for about 2-3 years. For six succesfull years I did street dancing, but after some time I felt in the wrong place. I also did track and field for over a year.

How did she start climbing:

I've been wanting to climb for a very long time, I went to my friend’s birthday about 3-4 years ago, and I really enjoyed it and wanted to go there ever since, but I was doing other things and didn't think of quitting. When I did quit, my first wish was to come here - I'm completely obsessed with mountains, so the thought of combining that with a sport seemed perfect. When i finally came, I knew I was going to stay here for a long time.

First weeks:

In the first two weeks and especially after the first trainings I remember my arms would hurt so much, and I couldn't do a lot of routes, the easiest ones were hard, but with time it got better. Now I'm still struggling with not having enough strength to climb some routes, but I hope with time I'll get stronger.

Why climbing:

Climbing makes me forget about all my everyday problems, it's almost like a meditation. My mind clears and I only think about what I'm climbing, that's why I always come back from trainings happy and positive. I never knew it's possible to love doing anything this much. The thought that I can become stronger makes me want to keep climbing too. Everyday at school I wait for when I can finally get back home and go to the gym.

Entering the world of competitions:

I was wondering how everything works, so I wanted to come just to watch a competition, but then, in the last minute I decided to compete, and I'm glad I did. It was fun to try out a different wall, but mostly I love watching other people climb and gain experience that way.

First competition:

It was about three months after starting I think, in Riga. We needed to write ourselves on the cards what we climbed, so i was happy judges didn't have to watch. I would've been very scared, I don't feel confident enough when people are watching.


Training in groups is definitely better, when I’m training with other people, they can help me out with the route and push me to do a certain one. The best thing in training is simply climbing.  I love it when there are new routes, but making our own routes is great too.

Best climbing moment:

Probably the best moment was when we went on a two day trip to Riga to a competition. I was very scared and didn't do good, but it was so inspiring and motivating to watch great, strong climbers climb and made me want to get better and stronger.

When she grows up:

I can't imagine myself in one place, I'd want to do something with travelling. I want to study tourism, but I don‘t know what profession I want to have exactly.

Before competitions:

I try to calm down, but it didn't work last time, I need to work on that. And I make sure I'm hydrated or else I can't do anything right.

Hardest route climbed: 

I climbed a 6a in a competition once and a couple of times in the gym, but I think it really depends on what kind of route it is.

Best support prize goes to:

I‘d say Monika Šadauskaitė, because she inspires me and always pushes me to climb routes that I wouldn’t think I could do. She believes I can do it.


They don't understand why I like it that much, but they're really happy I'm doing what I like and support me.

Climbing plans for 2014:

Get much stronger and gain experience that i really need, also get more confident with myself and be less nervous in competitions.

Favourite world climbers:

Sasha DiGiulian because she's an amazing climber and very inspiring and I love her positivity, also Alex Honnold and Lynn Hill.

Bouldering in the gym versus rock climbing:

Climbing without mountains seems normal because we‘re used to it, but like I said, I'm obsessed with mountains so I‘m hoping of living in a country with mountains in the future. I haven‘t been on the rocks, but I‘m saving up money for a long time to go on a trip to Thailand in summer where I‘ll be travellng for nearly a month and found climbers that will be there and would help out, so I‘m hoping for that to work out. I think I‘d like it more than the gym.


Aušra Volkaitė is15 years old, 9th grade in ‚,Ausros‘‘ gimnazija.