Climber's profile: Rugilė Tamėnaitė

Rugilė Tamėnaitė is 17 years old, tall, skinny and in love with climbing, since her father showed her a big wall. She’s training in “Miegantys Drambliai” climbing gym to become stronger and reach harder tops.

When did the climbing start:

I don't remember when I started, but I think I'm climbing for more than three years.

First time on a wall:

First time I touched a climbing wall I was just a kid. My dad found a 13 meters wall called Pagonijos uola, so we thought it would be interesting to try something different. When I saw the wall, I couldn't believe that people are climbing on it, but after my first try, I understood that it wouldn't be my last.

I became a regular customer and people working there told me to start climbing in a gym. I was a bit scared to go alone, but after a few years, I found a friend who also wanted to climb. After a few trainings, I fell in love with people working in MD and the most important: with climbing. As you can see, I am still here!

What keeps her on a wall:

Sometimes I can’t explain why I am still here, but the second I start climbing, I remember. It is a mixed feeling between pain in my fingers, being tired, joy of achievement and willingness to improve.

Trainings in groups/ training alone:

It is much better to train in a group because you get to compare yourself with others and try different routes. Also we can learn from eachother.

Best climbing moment:

My best moment was when I won first place in Vilnius. Then I proved to myself that I can achieve what I want.

My favourite memories, though, are from 2012, when we were climbing in Kalymnos (Greece). We organised a camp for our team and it was the first time I was on the rocks. It’s different than indoor climbing. You try something new and you just want to go back and try it again and again.

Grown-up plans:

I haven't decided yet at what university to study, but I think I will work with animals in the future. Sometimes I like animals more than people. Maybe I will be a scientist or biologist.

Habits before/ after competitions:

I eat a lot of fruits before contests. Apples, pomelo. Sometimes carrots.

Best support:

I think my friends are my best support - Aida the most (teammate). We know eachother for three-four years and it works especially when she’s saying bad things. Reverse psychology is good.

Parents’ opinion:

My parents aren't interested in climbing, just my father is trekking sometimes. They are just happy that I have a hobby.

Plans for 2014:

I haven't decided what I want to change this year, but it would be great to achieve better results in competitions.

Favourite climber:

Sasha DiGiulian, because she is very young and she is the first American female that climbed 9a.

About trainings:

My favourite part is when we climb, of course, and hardest when we have to do exercises. Push-ups are very hard.

Best Lithuanian climber:

Kipras Baltrunas

Climbing in other countries:

It would be better to live in a mountain area, but for now I am happy in Lithuania and climbing in the gym.

Rugile is in 11th grade in LSMU Mokykla (Lietuvos sveikatos mokslu universiteto vidurinė mokykla). Hardest route: 6a+.