Climber's profile: Vainius Podolinskis

Vainius Podolinskis is a blond 16 year old dreamer who one day will explore the whole world and climb a lot of rocks. When he’s not in school, you can find him climbing in the Miegantys Drambliai Climbing gym, training for competitions with the rest of his team.


I'm climbing for over three years.

How it started: 

I have always dreamt of climbing in a room where the ceiling and the walls are full of holds. About three years ago I went to the birthday of my brother's friend. That birthday was in Miegantys Drambliai. Our instructors were Deimantė and Donata, and they said that I climb really good and that I had to come to the trainings. Climbing impressed me, so I came to my first training a few days after that birthday. Since then I am here.

What keeps him on a wall: 

When I climb, the only thing I am thinking about is how to do that route. I can't think about anything else and it is something like therapy for my mind and my brain. When I climb, I am doing sport and I relax at the same time. For me, climbing is sport and entertainment. A part of my life.


I like to train in every way. Training in group is very good and I think it can bring better results than training alone, but sometimes I just want to turn the music on - very loud - and just climb alone. I also want to spend some time with myself and climbing is the best way to do it.

Favourite climbing moment: 

Every day in the gym is like a dream. Last year, me, former EVS volunteer Daffith Klöglich and climber Juozas Bobina went on a short trip around Lithuanian boulders. Those were one of the best days in my climbing history. The photo is also from that trip.

Grown-up thoughts – what to do: 

That's a really important question for me now, but every time people ask me this, my answer is the same: "I don't know". I just know that one day I will study at one of the top ten universities of the world.

Award for best support: 

My best motivator was Juozas, because he often said that I'm too weak for something or I can't do it. After hearing this, I would always get angry and try to do it at any cost. Now, every day I just try to be better than I was yesterday.

2014 climbing plans: 

I want to become a better climber and I want to go climbing on real rocks in other countries.

Favorite part of the training: 

Of course, climbing and exercises, because I can feel how I get stronger. The hardest part for me is warming-up, because I am too lazy to do it.

Best climber in Lituania in your opinion: 

If you judge by results, Kipras Baltrūnas.

Lithuanian climbing gyms versus outdoor rocks: 

Because we don't have rocks and mountains in Lithuania, we appreciate more our trips and climbing, in general. However, it's more difficult to improve our climbing skills when we don't have rocks. I love Lithuania, I love my home-town, but one day I will go to see the world and maybe I will live in another country.

Vainius is in 10th grade in KTUG (Kaunas University of Technology Gymnasium)