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Climbing trip - Marocco paskelbė 2011-10-05 10:44
    The Todra Gorge is high enough in the mountains to have great fall and spring weather, and the exotic surroundings, cheap food, festive atmosphere. There are over 400 routes on 40 Sectors at Todra.

The natural beauty of Morocco and the culture of this North African country are well known. What is less well known is the climbing potential hidden away in the Atlas Mountains. Routes in the Todra Gorge were first opened decades ago, and long lines near Taghia and elsewhere in the High Atlas continue to be developed at a rapid clip.

Morocco is a country of a thousand different and incredible faces. Palm groves extend to snow-capped mountains and infinite deserts lie seemingly immobile before transforming into long sandy beaches.

When: November 20 - 30;

Price: 1750 Lt
Price inc.:
Plane tickets;
Transportation to hostel;

Climbing equipment price for rent 25Lt per day