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The gift of firsts paskelbė 2014-01-28 01:35   [ atnaujinta 2014-01-28 02:40 ]

How to earn the fist bump at the first 2014 official climbing competition, in Klaipėda.

Observed by Anca Iosif, savanorė

Photos by Dainius Babilas

It was the second time Monika Šadauskaitė fell off the third route from qualifications. She started shaking her hands and told me “I am afraid”. It was the first competition where she passed from E group to D group (youth) and the routes were overwhelming at first. We told her to stay calm, to think carefully what steps she wants to make and shouted “davai, davai Monika!” every time. She never gave up, she tried the third route four times and she got to the top. She made her parents, who were watching from the back, very proud.

Miegantys Drambliai Climbing Team was noisy all last Saturday, at the Lituanian Junior Boulder Cup, in Klaipėda. We were four persons in charge for the 16 kids ready to climb. Some were warming-up, while some were finishing competing. We were filming everything, from three different angles, so we can later analyse, with proof, what went wrong and where did they manage wisely. We tried to help them all. With nagging, with hugs, shouting and telling them we’re proud of them.

Monika’s change wasn’t the only first. It was the first competition for Gertrūda Kaniauskaitė as part of the C youth group, but she kept her calm as always. It was the first time Meritas Babilas went in the isolation room and didn’t know exactly how to react to that. It was the first time I saw his eyes shinning so bright and his dimples so deep because of the big smile on his face. Especialy when he was turning around to see his dad’s reaction, who was filming Meritas the whole time.

It was great seeing the D group helping the E group and being there to offer a fist bump when they were falling

or getting to the top. For trying or for succeeding, they deserved the fist. It was amazing also to see kids from E group helping eachother, proving one more time that, even though climbing is an individualistic sport, it is also about support between individuals and helping eachother progress. The stronger ones giving a hand to those who can’t make it to trainings all the time. Then you see more and more shinny eyes and big smiles. Of course, jumping around too.

In one corner or another was always Giedrius Bunevičius, their trainer, analysing all their moves and intervening when it was necessary, showing them the best way to use their hands and feet.

It was the first time for Rugilė Tamošiūnaitė in the finals and you could smell her 13 years from far. Hurrying to try as many times as she can in the five minutes she was given for one route. We’re sure she will have much more finals to practice!

It’s all about practice and trying to get more firsts. Grades, finishing routes from the first try, changing groups.

I believe we were the noisiest ones in Klaipėda because of all our team’s firsts. It can be overwhelming for the adults too, we just try to keep it together, in order to help them better. And we never give up, just like Monika Šadauskaitė didn’t give up on the third route.

Results 2013/2014 for MD Sporto Komanda

Dominykas Krutulis 1997  - finished in 2013 on 8th place, now he was on the 5th place, in qualifications.

Gertrūda Kaniauskaitė 1999 - maintains her 1st place from 2013, after moving from Juniors to Youth group.

Rugilė Tamėnaitė 1997 - 2nd place last year, now she was 4th

Karolė Kavaliauskaitė 1997 - 3rd place in 2013, maintains her position after this competition.

Rugilė Tamošiūnaitė 2000 - finished 2013 on 2nd place, now she won 3rd place.

Ugnė Lesčiukaitytė 2001 - finished in 2013 on 5th place, now she made it on the 6th.

Vainius Podolinskis 1997 - finished on 4th place last year, now he came in 5th, after finals.

Meritas Babilas 2004 - finished in 2013 on 8th place, started 2014 on the podium, on 3rd place/

Monika Šadauskaitė 2002 - finished 2nd in kids group in 2013, now she finished on 5th place, after moving 

to the Junior group.

Marija Jekabsone 2003 - finished in 2013 on 5th place, now she climbed on the 3rd place of the podium.

Rugilė Paukštaitytė 2003 - won the 1st place in 2013, now she finished on 2nd.

Ūla Koroliova 2001 - finished on 3rd place in 2013, now she finished on 4th/

More results from the MD family:

Tauras Šablavinskas 2003 - it is his first year competing and he finished on the 6th  place

Povilas Zarakauskas 2002 - finished on 3rd place last year, now he finished on 8th

Lukas Sinkūnas 2002 - finished on the 11th  place now, after finishing on the 9th place in 2013.

The first 2014 Lituanian Junior Boulder Cup from Klaipėda hosted approximately 70 participants from Lithuania and Russia.