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What about trainings?! paskelbė 2012-10-08 07:43

So many new kids, so many new names and a new place for me to climb, but Rugilė took me by the hand and told me: “Climb with us!” – And I was in the training. Especially first group taught me how to do warm-up, create routes and the girls welcomed me in an open way.

More adventurous were the hours with smaller and new kids because they have a lot of energy, their own rules and I was a completely stranger to them. However, together with Ugnė I could think of games to keep them busy – and the miracle word is “competition” because then they are very motivated and cooperative.

The most interesting trainings where the ones which I held completely alone because Giedrius was ill and I jumped into the cold water and tried to survive between holds, chalk and laughing kids. ;-)

To sum up, I had a very good first month in trainings with the kids and I see that I can also learn a lot about technique, leading groups and being innovative!