Every Wednesday we gather in Kalniečių parkas to climb, slackline and play games. We play football, hide and seek, volleyball or frisby. We climb on the boulder stone we built there three years ago and try to guide those who never tried this sport before. 

Our aim is to gather as many people as we can for three hours each week. We’re inviting people who are passing through the park to join us with their children, parents or friends. We are inviting the local day care centers to bring their kids, so we can have fun together. We also invite you through this post, hoping you would enjoy our company.

We believe that spending time outdoor always means meeting new people, making new friends and learn things one from eachother. We can share our passions – music, drawing, juggling, aerobic, dancing, theatre, handcrafts. 

Being outside is important both for the mind and body, so we encourage it as much as possible. It makes one smile more, it’s a way of exercising and the brain gets some oxygen. What can be better than trying to build a happier community through simple playground sessions, open to everyone?

Join us! Play with us! Volunteer with us!

We – Stefano & Anca – are the hosts of Boulderfest, as EVS volunteers. EVS - European Voluntary Service - is a program that allows people between the ages of 18-30 to be volunteers in a social project which takes place in another European country than your own. After skype interviews, emails with questions and photo-sharing, we were accepted to be the two volunteers who will work for a year (September 2013 -August 2014) in Miegantys Drambliai Climbing Gym. 

For any questions or if you want to invite us for a coffee, you can find us here: anca@miegantysdrambliai.lt; stefano@miegantysdrambliai.lt
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