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New holds for our stone

“Where should I put my foot now?” was the question kids were asking when they were trying to climb on the boulder stone MD built three years ago in Kalnieciu Parkas.

Last autumn, when we first saw it, we thought it’s so cool to have a bouldering spot in a park, but in the same time we realised we need to put more holds for two main reasons: safety and easier routes, accessible for beginners and short people.

Some time passed, we got caught up with other projects in the gym, but finaly the day for some updating came.

Me and Matas went shopping for the needed materials: long bolts, anchors, tile, adhesive, a drill, a generator and  of course, holds! Our hands got a bit longer from the heavy generator, but in the end we made it to the park with all the materials and we started working. 
As we were loudly drilling holes for new holds, people passing by would turn their heads around, trying to understand what are we doing. We prepared the glue and tried applying it on each hold, but most of it ended up on our hands. After the glue was in its place, we combined them with bolts and anchors. Last, but not least, we screwed 14 extra holds, that are ready for each brave climber of Kaunas!

It was nice seeing little kids around us so curious about what was happening and following each step of the process. Gave us big satisfaction also seeing the next day someone training on our rock, using chalk and creating his own routes. This was the MD team purpose, when they started this project - to see people training on it and to make bouldering more visible. 

Now that the sun started shining from time to time, we’re ready to start a new season of Boulderfest, to challenge more and more people to try it! Keep in touch for the starting date and see you soon!